Munting Pangarap Program

Munting Pangarap program (Small Wish) is a charity-based television show which aims to provide assistance to indigents from different communities by granting their small but meaningful wishes.

Translated as “Small Wish” in English, Munting Pangarap program aims to provide assistance to letter-senders deserving of help. The television show gears to not only alleviate the hardships of those who need support in their life, but empower them to keep a sustainable livelihood.

Bro. Eli Soriano, the main sponsor of the Munting Pangarap program, is also the inspiration of the television show for his continual help for members and non-members of the Church who are in difficult situations.

Aids in micro-businesses, medical assistance, or other livelihood requests, are some of the example assistance that Munting Pangarap grant to individuals and families from all sectors of society. Since its launch in October 2008, the program has reached even the remote places in the Philippines with indigents coming from rural and urban areas.

The show catches the different struggles in life and various stories of sacrifices and courage of impoverished people in the Philippines. Through this, the show not only helps the beneficiaries but also inspires its viewers to persevere and be hopeful whatever conditions in life they are in.

A single mother delivering the needs of her daughter by selling snacks, a man with old age still working on a coconut farm to get through each day, an out-of-school youth trying to provide for his family while saving for his own schooling — these are just some of the stories shared on Munting Pangarap.

One might say some of these stories can only be true on films but Munting Pangarap reminds its viewers that these struggles happen everyday and these tales could inspire them to be grateful and that a simple good deed could reach a long way.

Over the years, the show produced long term favourable results to its beneficiaries. To date, former recipients has expressed their gratitude for the program, with its positive effect and help. Stories of success are also now being aired at the program.

The constant message of the Munting Pangarap program, is for its beneficiaries to grow the aid that they received, to always look at the long term, and if then they have the resources, pay it forward to help other people who are in need.

Like the other philanthropic causes of Bro. Eli that are only now gaining extensive support through its long-term partnership with public service channel UNTV and other government agencies, his charitable projects have long been in existence. Even when he was only starting as the Overall Servant of the congregation of Members Church of God International (MCGI), Bro. Eli has long been helping people who would approach him and send him letters of requests.