La Verdad Christian College Scholarship

Bro. Eli spearheads the most comprehensive Free Education Program in the Philippines through La Verdad Christian College (LVCC).

Bro. Eli Soriano has always been a great advocate of scholars. Having been a scholar himself – in school as he is in God’s words – he has perfected the craft of extending a helping hand to those who want to better themselves through the gift of education – via a La Verdad Christian College scholarship grant.

Years before the establishment of La Verdad Christian College, the international preacher has already started advocating for education. At a young age – even as a student in Ramon Magsaysay High School in España, Manila, he was often asked to substitute teach for absent lecturers, as well as grade papers for his professors. Lovingly and dutifully, the then young scholar would oblige – for the love of learning and of sharing that love to as many of his peers as possible.

Even though he was not able to finish his high school education due to his great responsibilities as a young preacher – his love for learning did not dissipate into thin air. In fact, his learning more of the Bible empowered him to voraciously read about subjects that fascinate his young, fertile mind – the sciences, history, and many more.

As Bro. Eli grew older and his love for God’s words grew deeper, his desire to help educate others, especially the less fortunate, grew fonder. He started to establish small businesses to help finance his preaching needs – teaching God’s words to far-flung towns in the province of Pampanga, and also, to sponsor underprivileged yet deserving young scholars as they venture on to higher learning. As his businesses grew in number, he was able to reach farther places and preach to a greater number of people. He was also, through the grace and mercy of God, able to send more and more children to school. These children were of no relation to him – yet the young preacher treated them as younger brothers and sisters that needed to be sent off to school for a brighter future.

Wanting to give more children the chance to a tuition-free education, Bro. Eli Soriano, together with Bro. Daniel Razon and the Members Church of God International, founded the La Verdad Christian School in Caloocan City. Giving free education to students from preschool to high school, the first La Verdad Christian School was founded in Apalit, Pampanga. Later on, another branch was established in Muñoz, Manila, to cater to scholars in that area.

But the desire to give is strong with Bro. Eli, and he continues to think of ways on how to give the gift of learning to more deserving children – regardless of race and religion. And so he embarked on a more ambitious yet inspiring project – to build a better La Verdad – one that will cater to students of all levels, from primary to tertiary – free of charge.

The La Verdad Christian College debuted in Caloocan City, of the National Capital Region in 2010. Through the concerted efforts of Bro. Eli Soriano, Bro. Daniel Razon and MCGI, the three-storey building is the scholastic solace of hundreds of eligible scholars. The La Verdarians not only receive full scholarship, they also get free books and school supplies, uniforms, and meals.

“We have spent much to establish this school, and much is to be spent still to sustain it. But we do not look at the amount, just as it is written in the Bible. Money answers for many things. [But] Money is no god. Money should not be loved. [Yet] It is a sign of those who profess they are of God to understand the needs of their poor fellows, as we can read on I John 3:17 that if you see your brother in need and you have something to share but you shut up your mercy, how will the love of God dwell in you?,” remarked Bro. Eli Soriano in a speech he gave during the Caloocan branch’s inauguration.

“So for God’s love to dwell in a man he must have the ability to understand the needs even of those who do not ask. That is why Bro. Daniel and I thought of helping deserving students who could pass the [entrance] exam and enjoy free college education, which includes free meals. None asked this of us. This is our mandate from knowing the truth in the Bible. Students do not owe this to us. They owe it to God,” said Bro. Eli Soriano.